What's BuyMeBricks.com ?

We are a team of AFOBs and we want to make sourcing of parts for MOCs easier for everyone. Thanks to our website, you can make custom GoBricks order.

Simply fill in the form above and get a quote with a payment link within 24 hours !

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Why Choose Us ?

Bricks Quality

Our bricks are a 100% sourced from GoBricks. It is the best bricks supplier in China and brands such as Sembo or Mould King use them.

Fast Delivery

You will receive your goods in approximatively 8-14 days. We will provide a tracking number.

Less Bricks Out Of Stock

Our Gobricks parts source is both Gobricks official stock and dealer stock to avoid parts to be out of stock.

The best way to source parts for MOCs

City Coffee Cart by Pascal's Bricks

Personal MOCs

Source bricks for your personal MOC. Export part list from LDD or Stud.io and get them with our help.

The ReBrickable website

Rebrickable MOCs

Source bricks for MOCs you find online. Get the part list and we will help you buy them.

A Word On GoBricks Parts...

98% quality

GoBricks parts are at about a 98% quality compared to LEGO® bricks.

>50% price

GoBricks parts are more than 50% cheaper than LEGO® bricks.

Any Specific Request ?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific request to address us.

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