How to order GoBricks parts for ReBrickable MOCs

By Patrick COLE - August, 3rd 2022

Order GoBricks parts for ReBrickable MOCs
Order GoBricks parts for ReBrickable MOCs.

Hello AFOBs !

In this tutorial we will discuss how to order GoBricks parts for ReBrickable MOCs !

ReBrickable is a website where you can buy instructions of MOCs created by the brick community.
You need to get the parts yourself based on a part list.

The GoBricks logo
GoBricks is an alternative brick brand based in China.
Many famous brick brands use them such as Rael, Mould King or Sembo.

Their quality and cheap price (about 50 % less than LEGO parts) makes them one of the best way to source bricks for ReBrickable MOCs.

So, let’s dive right into it !

1. Pick a MOC on ReBrickable

ReBrickable home page

The first step is to choose a MOC on ReBrickable.

ReBrickable proposes more than 73,000 creations published by amost 8,000 people !

Choose the one you like and pay to obtain the instructions !

Note : Some MOCs are free and you can download the instructions for free.

2. Export part list as CSV (.csv)

ReBrickable export part list

The next step is to get the part list.

Go to Inventory > Export Parts> ReBrickable CSV and export the part list as CSV.

There you go, you have the file containing all the parts needed for the sets.

Next step is to buy them !

3. Upload part list on BuyMeBricks

BuyMeBricks upload form to order parts

It is now time to order your parts. As GoBricks is based in China, it is not convenient to order bricks directly from them.

The best way and also the cheapest is to source your parts with BuyMeBricks (the parts at BuyMeBricks are 100 % sourced at

Moreover, if the MOC contains very special and rare parts that are not available from GoBricks, they will source this part from another manufacturer.

To order from us, go to

Upload your part list (the previously exported CSV file) and type your personal information.
Note : The address is the delivery address.

Then, click the submit button. You will receive an email within 24 hours with a quote and a link to order your parts.

4. Receive your quote and pay

BuyMeBricks payment gateway

Check your email, you should receive an email within 24 hours from BuyMeBricks.

Make sure to check your spam box.

The email contains your quote for this order and an Excel file which contains the recap of your order (the part list, the manufacturer in case some parts are unavailable at GoBricks, etc.).

You also get a link to the payment gateway. Click the link and choose your payment option.

Note : BuyMeBricks recommends to pay by bank transfer as paying by card
implies a delay of 7 days.

Once you paid, we will prepare your parts within 7-10 days and send them directly to you !

You can track your package here.

5. Build your MOC !

Awesome ! You received your parts !

The only thing left is to go ahead and build the MOC you’ve picked up on ReBrickable.

Have a good build ;) !!!

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