How to source parts from GoBricks for MOCs ?

By Patrick COLE - July, 30th 2022

How to source GoBricks parts for MOCs
Order GoBricks parts for MOCs.

Sourcing parts for MOCs (wether your own creations or MOCs found on sites like ReBrickable) has never been an easy task.

In this article, we will discuss how you can easily order your parts from GoBricks.

The Common method (BrickLink)

The common (expensive !) method is to upload your part list on BrickLink and look for stores which have your bricks. But way too often you cannot get all your parts from one single store, if not get all your parts.

On top of that, there is a major issue with this technique :

The price.

Everyone knows how expensive LEGO parts are, even used ones.

Moreover with BrickLink you will have to pay shipping fees for every single store you order parts from. 

For all such reasons, BrickLink is not a convenient way for brick fans to source their parts for MOCs.

The GoBricks way (98% quality, 50% price)

The GoBricks Logo

Since the beginning of the 90s, LEGO bricks are on the public domain. That makes it possible to other manufacturers to print compatible parts.

GoBricks is one of those other manufacturers and provides an excellent quality of bricks.

Indeed, there are no color difference compared to the original LEGO parts neither problems while assembling bricks. Note that GoBricks parts are used by big Chinese alternative brands such as Mould King and Sembo.

If you are not one of these only-lego-focused fans, it is certainly the best manufacturer you can find out there to source parts for your MOCs.

All the more because GoBricks parts are about 50% cheaper than LEGO parts. You could save more than 50% on the final price of your MOC ! Amazing !

Order parts from GoBricks

The BuyMeBricks  upload form for GoBricks order

As GoBricks is based in China, it is not convenient for American and European people to order parts from them.

The best way to source those parts (and the cheapest) is to buy your parts through a specialized intermediate.

As a team of AFOBs (Adult Fan Of Bricks), we experienced so many troubles ordering parts from GoBricks.

So we decided to start our own sourcing service for GoBricks parts and we launched BuyMeBricks in 2022.

We wanted to make it easier for other fans to get their parts from GoBricks.

The process of our service is simple :

With this service, it is now easy for you to source all the parts you need for your MOCs.

--> Make sure to check out our upload page ;)!


There are two main ways to source parts for your MOCs :

One for those who absolutely want to have LEGO parts, through BrickLink.

Which is, we have to admit it, not straightforward and extremely expensive.

The other way is to order parts from another manufacturer such as GoBricks (we recommend GoBricks as it is the most qualitative supplier after LEGO).

As it is based in China and it is not easy to directly order from them, it is way more straightforward to buy your bricks through a specialized sourcing service.

If you want to know more on how to order parts for ReBrickable MOCs, click here.

--> Order your parts right now at !

We hope that this article was helpful and that you will be able to get your MOC done !

Have fun, brick fans !

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