BuyMeBricks, Bricklink, BrickOwl : Which is the best way to buy LEGO parts ?

By Patrick COLE  - March, 24th 2023

BrickOwl BrickLink BuyMebricks which is the best way to order LEGO parts
BrickOwl, BrickLink, BuyMebricks which is the best way to order LEGO parts ?

If you're a brick fan, you may have heard about BrickLink, BrickOwl or BuyMebricks.

They're all online stores from which you can order LEGO parts in bulk.

They all provide a large range of bricks so that you can build anything you have in mind : personnal creations, ReBrickable MOCs, etc.

So what are the differences between these websites ? Which one is the best way to get your LEGO parts ?

In this article, we will discuss the major differences between these websites and what you should take in consideration before deciding where you will get your parts from.

Let's dive right into it AFOBs !

BrickLink - Official LEGO parts

BrickLink the best store to get official LEGO parts

The first website in question is BrickLink which is run by LEGO itself !

The website offers a wide range of official LEGO parts. Really, you can find almost any part you want !

Cons of using BrickLink to source parts

There are two main disadvantages of using BrickLink to source LEGO parts from BrickLink.

Firstly, price.

Everyone knows how expensive LEGO parts are. They become quite unaffordable for fans, that's why many alternative brick brand stores have now popped up.

If you want to order official LEGO parts from BrickLink, expect to spend a lot of money !
Anyway, you should be used to this as a LEGO fan ;).

Secondly, when you order parts from BrickLink, you cannot (or hardly ever) manage to get all your parts from a single store.

Indeed, BrickLink offers parts from different independent stores located all across the world.

Most of the time, stores will not be able to provide 100% of your part list because they don't have them in stock.

So, if you want to get all your parts you'll have to manually order from several stores.

Moreover, you'll have to pay shipping fees for every single store you order from.

Sometimes, you won't even be able to get 100% of your parts and will have to wait until the parts are available.

Pros of using BrickLink to source parts

The main advantage of using BrickLink to buy your parts is that you are sure that you will get official LEGO parts.

If you're really not into alternative brands, it is certainly the best way to get your parts.

BrickOwl - Best for used LEGO parts

BrickOwl the best website to get used LEGO parts

BrickOwl is similar to BrickLink but is not run by The LEGO Group.

It only offers original LEGO parts and parts are in most cases really expensive.

BrickOwl also offers parts from several brick stores located all over the world.
Just as Bricklink, you probably won't be able to source your parts from a single store and you'll have to search manually for the missing parts.

And remember, you'll also have to pay shipping for every single store you order from.

Cons of using BrickOwl to source parts

Disadvantages of ordering parts from BrickOwl are the exact same as BrickLink: several stores, pay shipping several times...

Pros of using BrickOwl to source parts

BrickOwl is also known for selling used LEGO parts.

This can be a good way to get your parts at a cheaper price.

On their website, you are able to see the condition of parts (New, Used).

Used parts are categorized in several conditions : Like New, Good, Acceptable, etc.

Ordering used parts can drastically reduce you brick budget !

Though, this will require a lot of research to get all your parts and you will certainly experience the "multiple stores" problem.

Moreover, this method would be more expensive than if you buy from alternative brick brand suppliers.

BuyMeBricks - Get your parts from GoBricks (50% cheaper)

BuyMeBricks the best way to order bulk GoBricks parts

BuyMeBricks is really different from the two websites we discussed above.

Indeed, BuyMebricks does not offer any official LEGO parts !

Instead, they sell bricks from a high quality (quality: 98% of LEGO) alternative brand called GoBricks, which is 50% cheaper than LEGO !

The GoBricks Logo

Many manufacturers use their parts, such as Mouldking and Rael.

GoBricks offers a wide range of LEGO-compatible bricks you can use.

As GoBricks is based in Chinait is not really convenient to order directly from them.

Unlike BrickLink or BrickOwl, BuyMeBricks sources parts from a single supplier : GoBricks itself !

If some parts are not available from GoBricks, they can even find them from third-party manufacturers so that you get 100% of your parts.

You don't have to manually search for your parts on several stores (except rare parts or parts that are sometimes really impossible to find).

The process to order parts from BuyMeBricks is slightly different from the other websites :

Cons of using BuyMeBricks to source parts

There is one main con of using Buymebricks to order parts.

Actually, shipping time might be a little longer than the LEGO parts resellers.

Indeed, when you place an order, GoBricks will take 10-15 days to prepare your goods. Only then, BuyMeBricks will send them to you in about 8-14 days.

Just expect to get your parts within a little less than 30 days.

If you're open to other brands than LEGO, BuyMeBricks is the best way to source bulk bricks from an alternative brick brand.

Pros of using BuyMeBricks to source parts

With BuyMeBricks, it is easy for you to source all the parts you need for your MOCs.

You will get 100% of your parts from a single supplier. No need to make research and order from several stores.

And you will save around 50% on your brick budget. That's quite awesome !

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There are two main ways to source LEGO parts :

If you're a LEGO-only fan, sourcing your parts with the help of BrickLink or BrickOwl (especially if you're interested in used ones) is probably the best way to order your parts.

However, if you're open to other brands and if you're one of those AFOBs (Adult Fan Of Bricks [from any brand]), BuyMeBricks is made for you !

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We hope that you found this article helpful and that it helped you to find your best friend to order bricks !

Thanks for reading, brick fans !

If you want to know more on how you could order parts for ReBrickable MOCs through BuyMebricks,  click here.

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